Sunday, 5 August 2007

the horses are on the track......

Today it was raceday Sunday. We are lucky to have one of the best spots for watching the gee-gees go round. Our terrace faces the racetrack. There is nothing like listening to the thundering of hooves as they run up the back straight then run right past you. I invited a few friends around for champagne and nibbles. As you can see the kids are eagerly waiting on the fence to cheer the horses on.
You all know about murphys law and how always something happens when it shouldn't. Well my husband had to go away for work and he left us this morning. Then about an hour and a half later the toilet decided it didn't want to flush. Just about the same time we were expecting people to turn up. I won't go into the details of it all but I am just going to say ' i fixed it' and I don't have to call a french plumber. Phew! And I am rather pleased that I did! I think having a mind that lends itself to sewing and figuring out what bit goes in where when you are creating a pattern or reading a pattern that isn't in the language you know but you still figure it out all helps. I fiddled and poked until I found out what had to be the solution( it wasn't that difficult in the end). All the guests were pleased I must say as how were they going to drink champagne and not be able to toddle of to the toilet after a glass or two.

P.S Does anybody else have problems with time taken to upload pictures with blogger or is it we are just not peddling fast enough here!!

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posiepatchwork said...

Is that the view from your home?? Race tracks in the Northern Territory are made from sand & sump oil, seriously!! I don't know much about horse racing, however, i am certain they run the wrong direction to say NSW & VIC?? That racecourse looks so lush & beautiful. Love Posie