Monday, 6 August 2007

Oh the lovely gifts........

The other day I was reading on another blog about birthdays. Pip from here
suggested that celebrations should last for a week and I totally agree with her. I have a birthday coming up in the next week and I have already received some lovely gifts. I think I got a couple in advance because my husband felt a wee bit guilty that he was going to be away for what I call a monumental birthday(40) or he didn't trust the kids to keep their mouths closed leading up till the big day.

Gift number 1 I opened was a fabulous painting by a local artist by the name of 'Fouoche Sandrina'. I can't tell you much about him as we don't know anything. The lady in the shop that we bought it from spoke no english. All we know is that we like his style. There are others in there that might be coming to live with us in the near future.

Gift number 2 was a beautiful pendant of an amber looking stone which has had a little floral spray engraved out of it. This makes it look all ye olde worlde. Also a silver heart bracelet that I have been spying for a long time. It is from a french jeweller named 'Yuna'. I do love them very much.

And look I still have a third one left to open an the special day(we just recently purchased the old chinese bureau that it is sitting on and I am claiming that as a birthday gift as well).


posiepatchwork said...

Happy Birthday in advance!! No, aa week is not long enough, birthdays last a month in our house. Living interstate, it usually takes a good 3-4 weeks for our children to receive all their booty, so the party never ends!! Sorry your husband is missing your actual birth-day. Mine has been able to miss about 8 birthdays & all but our 10th wedding anniversary. Funny, he's ALWAYS home for his birthday!! Plus we're all born in school holidays, so it's just too easy to party for weeks. Have fun!! Love Posie

Alex said...

Happy Birthday - You'll appreciate this post...exactly what you were talking about.