Friday, 31 August 2007

Why oh why........

Why oh why is it when you have the best intentions to finish projects that have been hanging around far too long and start new ones that have been lurking around in your brain for ages, the kids have to stay home from school because they are sick. I feel sorry for them for being sick. Juliette has a nasty cough and blocked up ears so I have to yell at her constantly and she isn't even in trouble. Django is only a little bit sick but didn't want to go without his sister. So I let them have a rest day and there goes flying out the window any spare time I thought I could have today to be creative. It seems the only thing I will be doing today is fetching food,drinks etc and separating bickering twins. Juilette did this.....Django has got my favourite thingy.....! Whinge,whinge,moan,moan. Is that them or me doing that!!!

To make up for my grumpy mother status I baked some flat bread for lunch. It comes from the new Donna Hay magazine. I have made it once before and I put too much milk but it still tasted good. This time I put to much salt. Hopefully it will still be good. It is meant to be a savoury bread and anyway I love warm bread however it comes. A good point about living in a french country. The breads they bake are to die for as is the chocolate, the cheeses, the champagne, the jams, the pastries, the duck,the......................I could gone on here all day but I won't.
Happy weekending to all.

p.s We all ate warm bread at lunch and it was scrumptious!

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Meet Me at Mikes said...

Yum Yum Yum! How delish! I love salty things.. so this is right up my street! xx pip ps - hoping you are all well now!