Thursday, 27 September 2007


Last night I played bingo at a real live bingo centre and to be able to play bingo there you need to become a member of the bingo centre. Hence the card. Now I can go and play bingo anytime I wish. All I need to do is flash my card and I'm in. I hear you asking 'Why is she playing bingo?'. Well a couple of other chicks and one bloke( the bloke is French he just didn't have anything better to do) were using it as a learning experience. One for listening to the number caller spitting all those numbers out in French really fast and realising that I don't know my numbers as well as I thought I did and two it is just one of those things you have to do at some point. Learning that you have to be a certain kind of person to play bingo.

We played a few games then it started to get serious and the big money was coming out but by that stage our brains were starting to throb so we went off and had cocktails instead. Much more pleasing to the brain. I wish I had my camera with me as I had this lovely drink called a 'Lotus flower' and it was the most amazing colour. It was full of raspberries which made it a deep deep shade of red and made it taste delicious as well.
Anybody else out there played bingo lately??? It doesn't count if it was with your kids.

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posiepatchwork said...

Oh, that brings back memories of playing French bingo on Friday's for the last 10 minutes of French classes at school. We had to say "j'ai ganjer" or something, meaning "i have won". Of course, it was not for money, or even a sticker, just the thrill of winning!! Now, i finally did my 8 things on the blog. I did it more historical than current, so you can see what makes me tick - trust me, it's a lot of thought. I was tagged by 3 people around the same time, so made it a mega tag post, & we all have twins in common. Who knew?? Love Posie