Wednesday, 12 September 2007


I got a surprise in the mail yesterday. I had ordered a couple of craft related zines a little while back and one of them has turned up. It is from this lady over here and it is called 'Erraticus Zine'. It is a lot to do with collages and the like and there is some really great images of that in there. She features a few pages of her journal that she keeps. I think she puts together a page a day of cut-outs of interesting things she finds and a few words. They are really very nice. I feel inspired do something like that about my new life( my 10 months old new life) here just to have some record of it's existence.There is also a little about swaps she has been involved in with other women and some small blurbs about them and their work. It's not a zine full of how to do things but a little zine to flip through while having a cuppa and get inspired by. I will leave you with a few images.

Some journal pages.The one on the left is called the beach house. Sorry not great picture.

Some cut out sheets included below.I could use them in my first journal entry perhaps.

One of her swap buddies. Once again, sorry about the snaps doesn't quite capture all the detail.

Anyway I'll be on my way now.

Happy Wednesday to you all.


Melissa said...

Hi Angelique! I followed the link to your blog to thank you for your nice comment about my zine, Erraticus - and what a nice surprise to find your entry about it! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

I think you may be the farthest away that I've mailed to (tho I do have readers in Australia and New Zealand) The postal lady didn't even know where New Caledonia was! I guessed the south Pacific? Am I right?


Anna said...

Hi Angelique, thanks for the comment you left on my blog a little while back. Looks like you are finding ways of getting crafty things over there. I've been tagged for the first time ever and I had to find people to tag so you're it. Sorry! Come and visit for the rules (that's part of the rules).