Monday, 10 September 2007

I wish..............

What is it with girls and ponies anyway?? All we have heard from Juliette since moving to Noumea is 'I wish I could go horse riding, I wish I could go horse riding'. Well she finally got her wish and has dragged her brother along in the process much to his disinterest. The kids are on school holidays and they have been put into a stage(holiday program) that is all about horses. Being together at things like this I think helps them cope with still not having a full grasp of the french language. If one doesn't understand what is going on maybe the other will and they won't feel completely like fish out of water. In saying that we did choose this stage as some of their friends were going and they are totally bi-lingual. Translators galore but they haven't been much help so far as they have all been split up into different groups and Django & Juliette have no contact with the others. The two of them came home wanting to go tomorrow so it obviously wasn't so bad.
Me on the other hand am floundering about with the french language. I have had two phone calls from a lady in at the customs office, I think. But I have no idea of what she wants. I do hope she calls again as I am prepared with some sentences the fire at her to get to the bottom of these calls. I am waiting for the mixtapezine to arrive. I hope it's about that.

Bits that I was able to tinker with without the kids around. Hopefully when finished they will resemble rabbits and an elephant.

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