Tuesday, 25 September 2007

More exploring..............

We are back again from another weekend of exploring. This time we went across to the east coast of New Caledonia to a little mining town of 'Thio'. We are finding it hard to know what to expect when you are driving around this country as it is all so different and we are surprised everywhere we go. This little town is towered by mountains that are carved out to mine the nickel then there is a black sand beach (see below) down a forest track out of town at one end and a white sand beach at the other end.

Then if you drive south of the town you go along a cliff top road that has the most sensational views. The day was a bit cloudy so sorry the photo isn't so clear. I do need to learn to use my new fancy camera properly. These huge mountains are incredible they are covered in plants that you would find in Australia then sweep down to the waters edge and are covered in coconut and banana palms. So very diverse.

I have a friend who travels to this place every week to teach at the high school there. She has herself a little studio set up to stay while she is there and she has offered it to use so many times. Finally we took her up on the offer. It was no means the flashiest of accommodation but it was a great place for us to stay. I don't mind when the place you stay is like that it relieves any fears you have that you(or the kids) are going to damage it in any way. The kids had a hoot running around the garden and us sitting in the little outside area eating, drinking and talking. The photo is of Django, Juliette and their cousin Kate having breakfast in that said spot. Look at the greenery and there are mountains in the back of the photo. If you look hard enough.

I am going to come back later and do my ' 8 bits of info about me' tag. I think I have had enough time to think about them. Until then, au revoir.

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Matroskin said...

Amazing pictures! I've never been anywhere like that. How nice, then, to be able to "travel" through your blog!