Wednesday, 26 September 2007


I started another blog called 'Travelling in New Caledonia'. I hope to just talk about our adventures here and give anybody who is thinking of travelling here some idea of what to expect. The idea that got hubby and I thinking was that we wanted to do some kind of camping guide for travellers. We like to camp and there isn't a whole lot of info written about them anywhere so you just sort of head off and discover what is there when you get there. I think this blog will be a good excuse for getting out of town. Not that Noumea isn't a great place. I will be putting a lot of what we find out about this city too. Especially finding a decent coffee. I can see many a research opportunity there.
Don't think you will have to scoot over there to see all the scenic pictures. I will still put some up here as well.
Happy Wednesday to all.

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