Thursday, 20 September 2007

Isle of dreams.......

We have been away on a little break (if anybody was missing me) with some relatives who are here for a bit. We trotted off to the 'Isle de Pines' for 4 glorious days. This isle is about 80km south/east of Noumea. The place is just your typical tropical paradise. White fine sand, blue, blue water and interesting fish just metres off shore. The weather was perfect for lazing on the beach reading, the kids popping in and out of the water when they felt like it and still warm enough to have sundowners* at sunset on the beach with the kids still dancing around the waters edge. Spring has definitely sprung here in New Caledonia but I don't think winter actually made its presence felt!
This Isle really is a beautiful place and this being the 2nd time we have been there really do love it and we will try to make it become one of the places we visit a lot in our time here.

I hope you enjoy the snaps.

*sundowner- a beverage you have while watching the sun slip beyond the horizon.

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