Friday, 10 April 2009

one ha' penny two ha' penny.......

You can not find a hot cross bun here anywhere. It is not at all French and I haven't quite worked out if there is an Easter bread or bun they do eat. All that aside last night I made my very first batch of hot cross buns to be eaten first thing on Good Friday morning. They were by no means the best buns I have eaten but they weren't too bad considering I couldn't find all the right ingredients all spice being the main one. There was a substitution of nutmeg and a little extra cinnamon.
As you can see we couldn't hold out till the morning and had to try one hot out of the oven last night with lashings of butter.
Now looking at this picture it might just be time for a cup of tea and another one. I can hear them calling me from the kitchen " eat me before I go stale".

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handmaiden said...

They look pretty good given yr substitution............happy easter