Friday, 17 April 2009


Martine has got herself a new dress-finally. It was made over our very rainy Easter weekend when we couldn't do much but inside activities. At Christmas time I had promised her she would have a new wardrobe and it has failed to materialise.

I have plans to make her a shawl to go with her dress but need to get some nice crochet cotton to do it with. Our weather is changing here and getting a bit cooler but it never gets really cold so wool might be a bit heavy. I also had a bit of a spending spree this morning and ordered her some fabulous cowboy boots and socks from This is Blythe. I can't wait till they arrive and she can be all sassyed up. I don't think this is a word but you all know what I mean.

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Tinniegirl said...

Her dress is lovely. You are very clever. Can't wait to see the shawl.