Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Wednesday is a odd kinda day here in Noumea. The kids go off to school at the usual time(early) but get picked up again at 10.45am. Literally they have about 2 1/2hrs at school and that includes recreation time. I'm not sure what the French are thinking or what the kids actually get time to do but I can tell you it impedes on my time for getting anything done. I get home from dropping them off, make the bed, pop a load of washing on, have a cuppa then it is time to go back. This morning though I did get to finish this bag for a wee lass. Her mum requested butterfly's. I had done all the hand stitching last night and just had to put it all together this morning. Juliette was kind enough to halt her playing in the garden so I could take a shot of her modeling the bag.
Getting back to my rant about the school issue I don't mind really that they have an afternoon off a week it allows us to do activities on that day and not be running around after school on the other days. They also get to relax and play and not feel so stressed about getting homework finished( yes they get homework) all before dinner, shower, relax, bed.


Suzy said...

That bag is so cute!
And I agree, finishing school at 10.45 is really quite random. They could at least stay til lunchtime, no?

Nikki said...

Love the bag.

Your Wednesday sounds like my Tuesday and Friday.... 3-year-old kinder drop-offs and pick-ups suck up my whole day.