Sunday, 21 October 2007


Finally we have pictures!!!! It has taken me soooooo long to get here. Between blogger just not wanting to co-operate this morning and then this evening somewhere along the line me losing connection with the mother station every few minutes. But now it is done. Hooray!!!! I'm not sure if there is a greater being out there not wanting me to pursue a career related to the computer because I often find it very frustrating and could quite easily find something better to do with my time. Like sew or watch what my children are doing! But I persist for some unknown reason. Somebody please tell me why!!!!
Anyway some satchel bags for kids for Christmas. Some are going to Canada and some to Australia. It is exciting when you know your stuff is heading out into the big wide world.

Basic black.
Girly pink.

A bag I made for a birthday gift. It is for a friend I have made here in Noumea. She has become the families French tutor as well. The bag turned out tres cute and I like the shape and the drawstring thing very much. I think I am going to make one for myself from some retro fabrics I got sent over from Mikes.

I have two more days until the hubby gets home and I need to pack away the sewing stuff. Let's see what I can get done and let's hope this b*$#@&y computer starts to behave itself.
Have a good week everybody.
P.S thanks Brenda for being my model.

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posiepatchwork said...

Fantastic bag, well they are all lovely, but the massive bag for your super tutor, it's divine!! I love adding a wooden bead or two here & there, groovy. Love Posie