Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Pirates and rabbits...........

On Saturday Simon took the kids out for some daddy/offspring bonding. I got to do some bonding with my sewing machine. Much needed I can tell you. I was on a mission to make a gift for a 3 year old and his party was on the following day. The theme was,you guessed it. Pirates. So of course what did he get, a pirate doll. This was my first attempt at making a pirate. Not to bad. The kids liked him so I thought that counted for something. There is somethings I would probably change a little on the next one but that always happens when it's a first time. The rabbit was already finished and it was going to the birthday boys little sister. The little sister hasn't been born yet but it's nice to give little gifts early.

The kids also had some requests while the sewing machine was out> I don't know what anybody else's children are like but they always have requests when I am making cute stuff. They wanted little rabbits this time. Below you see Rosie Raspberry on Lucy the unicorn.

And these two are Blueberry and Grape. The two pictures of the bunnies were taken by Juliette. Not too bad are they?

I am going to post tomorrow about something that is really delicious. Well Simon and I love it anyway.

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