Sunday, 14 October 2007

No Husband and Halloween.................

Well everybody I am husbandless for the next 8 days. What am I going to do with myself in that time? To name but a few things. I am going to keep the sewing machine set up on the kitchen table for the whole time( unfortunately I don't have a designated sewing area here),have a reasonably tidy house(I always find it easier to keep the house under control when he isn't here) and not have to worry too much about what I cook. In that area I don't have a complaining husband but I do feel I need to put a bit of variety on the dining table but when it is just the kids and myself we slack off a bit. They don't mind to eat a lot of pasta and I don't mind making myself a big pot of soup and having that a few nights in a row.

I do have a few tasks I would like to complete this week though. The kids are celebrating Halloween for the first time this year. They are doing stuff about it at school and there is a few people here who get together on the night for some 'trick or treating'. They are pretty excited about that. I am on the job with costumes. That is the easy part in this household but if anybody can tell me if there is anything special made and eaten at Halloween that would be good. If we are going start this tradition we may as well do it properly. I am waiting for this zine to turn up in my post box. Maybe it might have some ideas in it that can help.

Everybody out there have a good week I know I will.

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