Sunday, 21 October 2007


Having a bit of a frustrating time with blogger this morning. I am trying to put up some pictures of what I have been doing this week but can't. It keeps giving me a code to send to the support team but I can't find the support team. I am not the best at dealing with things that go a bit haywire with the computer so I think I will go and have a coffee, tend to my daughter that had a fall at the park and has hurt her back and come back in an hour. If it is still not working you all might just have to wait till tomorrow. The problems with the internet may just be a roll on effect from all the other things that are happening in this country. There is a picket line at Presto pizzas( for some this is very disastrous),ground staff at the airports are on strike so not all planes are coming in here. I have a friend whose husband has been away for nearly 3 weeks and he was due home today but his flight has been canceled. She is one pissed off lady. My hubby's not due home till Tuesday, let's hope everything is back to normal by then. But lets hope even more that the internet is still not having it's tantrum and I can get news to and from the outside world.

Now what is in the cupboard (that's not good for me) that I can have with my coffee!!!

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