Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Yesterday I said I was going to post about something delicious. Well something that my husband and I think very delicious anyway. Back in Australia our most favourite chocolate is Cadburys Turkish delight and there is nowhere here that you can get it. I would probably think the French may not even know what it is. Anyway when Simon goes away for work he generally has to pass through an Australian airport and he picks up some to be devoured when the kids go to bed. There is noway these precious bars are going to be wasted on the children. But I have found a solution for our need to eat chocolate coated turkish delight. Do it myself. My sister-in-law left us with some of the icing dusted, rose scented stuff. It was truly melt in the mouth 'a la natural' but I couldn't help myself. I went out and bought a bar of fairly high grade cooking chocolate and what happened with it is pictured belong. All I can say is that it didn't last very long in this household once it was discovered.

I know I can put this little experiment into the 'I will do that again' basket.
Ohhhhhh it was soooooooo nice!!!!!
Am going away for a couple of days we have more friends visiting. See you soon.


my poppet said...

I love the Cadburys Turkish delight also. A few years ago i did a tour of the factory in tassie and got to have the seconds that came off the conveyor belt ...yum!

posiepatchwork said...

Oh, memories. Growing up Mum would take the 4 of us shopping & as a reward, we could choose 1 treat. Mine was always a Turkish Delight, as i knew it was Mum's favourite too, so we could share. I still love them, but it's a rare treat (even though they are readily available in supermarkets). Your home made version looks very decadent, yummo!! Drew made me a 1960's style Woman's Weekly chocolate self saucing pudding for dinner (yes dinner, not dessert!!) Love Posie