Friday, 5 October 2007

Post haircut blues update..........

Well ,we are all ok here today. Phew!!!!!!!
Django's happy to go to school knowing nobody really gives a damn about his haircut. Me, I feel better for knowing I have a boy who is not mentally scarred for the rest of his life because of one haircut. I have a memory of my younger brother often complaining to my mum and I about being scarred by a pair of jeans my mum 'made' him wear as a little boy. He never let her forget that running around the playground in a pair of 'Grasshopper' jeans with Cowboys and Indians on them may have potentially ruined his life! He life was a bit haywire way down the track but it wasn't because of those particular jeans.

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Peggy-Jean said...

Hey Angelique, you know it's only a week in between a bad hair cut and a good one? Well that's what everyone told me when I tried to get a Roxette haircut that turned into a number 2 all over? Hope it comes good. Thanks for tagging me I have finally posted it and was laughing as I reminisced about my world. Take care Peggy-Jean